Our Team Serves Pizzas to Homeless Men and Women

Feb 16, 2022  -  News & Updates | God

A Valentine's tradition continues ... 

This Valentine's Day, our Jag Journey team sent pizzas and lava cakes to a local homeless shelter, Bonner Gospel Mission, and two other shelters.

Our founding partners believe that love should be shown outwardly to our neighbors and prefer to spend the day of love giving to8CDDD12E-ECDF-4B41-A2AE-298CE53F4B54 others to remind them that God loves them.

"This is a tradition on Valentine's that Sharon and I love to show other people they are loved on Valentine's Day since we create a Valentine's Day 365 days a year and God Blesses us, so we bless others," said Jim Couts, founding partner & CTO of Jag Journey. "No matter who they are, where they're from, people deserve to be loved no matter what. Being kind is what the world needs more than anything."

Sharon spent 15 years working at a homeless organization and anytime they got pizza, they were always super excited! Homeless organizations serve meals using much-needed food donations but pizza is a luxury. Plus, Paul, the Mission's cook, was super happy he had a night off!

"Jim and I both have a huge heart for homeless people," said Sharon Couts, founding partner and CEO of Jag Journey. "It's how we met! We were both helping homeless individuals and our paths crossed and the rest is history! What better way to celebrate our love than to bless others helping those who are struggling and support the organizations dedicated to getting people back on their feet."

Sharon and Jim Couts also surprised the organization with a new website redesign at no cost to the organization. They are hoping to launch this summer before the fall funding season. 



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