Jag is Hitting the Road!

Sep 05, 2019  -  Business | News & Updates

Jag Journey, LLC is a startup tech company on a journey of growth, dedication, and discovery. The past month, our founders Sharon and Jim Couts, have taken Jag on a new journey with a name change and soon a lifestyle and business model change! Here is a message from our CEO, Sharon Couts:

“Life is about choices and the consequence of those choices – good, bad or indifferent, and Jim and I have made the decision to “hit the road,” traveling from city to city and connect with local Chambers of Commerce, nonprofits, associations, and businesses.  

Telling our friends and family that we’re traveling the U.S. in a 5th Wheel Toyhauler across the United States has been an interesting one. Some are so excited for us and calling it an adventure. Some are concerned. But for Jim and me, this is not only a business decision but a decision of spiritual obedience. If you’re not a spiritual person, you may not understand but that’s ok! 

Many of our friends and family are also laughing at the idea of me personally living in an RV. I’m the girl who wears high heels, make-up and brought a curling iron while iron camping. But with the things that have transpired both professionally and personally the past several months, we know we are heading in the right direction not only for us personally but for Jag. I mean think about it. Chambers of Commerce, associations, small businesses, and nonprofits are all about connecting with the people either by helping their businesses grow or helping them personally! Jag has the same mission and what better way to connect but face-to-face city by city!

We are excited to see where we land and the experience we will have. We don’t expect everything to be rosy and glorious, but we will grow, we will be dedicated to our mission and discover everything along the way. We will be sharing our experiences and Jag Journey with you so join us!"



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