COVID19 - SARS - VIRUSES - You Name it, He will Handle It! How Does God Do This? 💓

May 04, 2020  -  Business | God | Faith

Here is a true testament to how God works! 💓 (See the screenshot form the SBA)

He only knows what's in our hearts, and it's for people... Imagine the start of being made a millionaire or billionaire company by having faith within One and using our solution to help others, basically when not one of the countless financial institutions would even budge for us, cold looks, cold hangups, cold denials, and the best yet... 

No more imagine this needed... Read on below here!

I reached out to God asking Him one day while working, what should I do? Who should I write, and sure as can be, it all went through Him, he shifted me to the Whitehouse, then they shifted us to the SBA and BOOM! 💯

It's been a couple of months but we haven't stressed one bit (Well I have since being married to my beautiful wife and business partner (Big Boss CEO)... 💑) However, I kept adamant within our prayers during our time together as ONE, and God saw us through by answering not just this prayer, but EVERY SINGLE one so far, which wasn't just limited to us, but to all around us!

This is the true testament of how God works through people... 

"When two or more come together, it shall be done." ~Matthew 18:20

Well, not for our gain, but it's for other's gains WITH US! Yes, the new hiring process will be way more in-depth, and no you don't need to believe in God, we just ask that you be more apt to being HUMBLE with EVERYONE! No exceptions, and yes guess what... 

We've cut out all of the negative big time! 💪

When I said our prayers were answered over a month ago almost on my other Facebook profile, it was so true! But why do I even have another profile? It's actually a verified and certified developer profile, and I use it mainly for business purposes, but have met a lot more people that have "faith" in one another and support one another like NO OTHER! 

Now the best part is to come! Thank you to the select few that have stood by us through all of this, and even from the start. Especially, "Dad" who supported us in the lowest of all lows, he gave to us when others didn't believe in us. Now, out of the past two years basically sacrificing over 80-90+ hour weeks, and all of our giving has paid out!

Do we need to pay it back? Of course, but we are deferred for a year, which will give us a headstart! Amen!

Main Shout Out:

Thank you, God, for all You've done for Sharon and me and surrounding the ones we love and others through this time!

Huge Shout Out:

A huge thank you to the federal government and current administration on helping our small business stay afloat and "rise above the chaos" and I ask that God watch over each of you every day in our prayers together, especially the ones that work within the SBA, you guys all need vacations there, we heard it through the phone of how you all are working tirelessly through the days and nights through it all!

May God Bless You and Yours!
Jim Couts/CTO-COO
Jag Journey, LLC

Here's a bit of something I would like to share in respect to this blog post, that way you can see more where I'm coming from:

So in the past 20 years, nothing but FEAR amongst people is the biggest killer of all!

  • Year 2000 - Y2K is going to destroy Everything
  • Year 2001 - Anthrax is going to kill us all 
  • Year 2002 - West Nile Virus is going to kill us all
  • Year 2003 - Sars is going to kill us all 
  • Year 2005 - Bird Flu is going to kill us all 
  • Year 2006 - Ecoli is going to kill us all 
  • Year 2008 - The financial collapse is going to kill us all 
  • Year 2009 - Swine Flu is going to kill us all 
  • Year 2012 - The Mayan calendar predicts the world ending
  • Year 2013 - North Korea is going to cause WWIII
  • Year 2014 - Ebola Virus is going to kill us all 
  • Year 2016 - Zika Virus is going to kill us all
  • Year 2020 - Corona Virus is going to kill us all

The truth is; Fear is killing you all, freaking out over manmade things... 

Could you imagine if there was no internet? I know a few countries that cut people off from the world online, think about it... 

What would you do without the internet? (Fear and cower in your dark world...)

Here are three steps that I take daily and maybe you can:

  1. First Step: Turn off all mainstream media platforms!
  2. Second Step: Pray!
  3. Third Step: Trust in God!

I refer to this as I was taught this as a young'n:

Matthew 10:28 - "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Instead, fear the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell."

Most of all, just wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough!

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