Stepping in as CEO with No Experience and a Shy Personality

Apr 29, 2020  -  Business

35162052_397324860769122_8308029689063014400_nBy Sharon Couts
CEO, Jag Journey

When I introduce myself as the CEO of Jag Journey, I laugh to myself. I am a behind the scenes person, not a front-facing person. Growing up I never raised my hand and always hoped I wouldn’t be called on in class to answer a question. In college, I would drop classes that required any public speaking. I took on public relations roles that allowed me to appoint spokespersons instead of being the spokesperson. I am THIS shy and uncomfortable with being the center of attention.

So since I’ve never managed a team previously in my career, the only idea of what a leader looks like is what I’ve experienced, who I’ve met, and TV. I’ve met both good and bad CEOs, managers, and leaders along the way and I can take the things I’ve liked and apply them to my style but that wasn’t enough. So I turned to the Bible to learn about what God says about leadership. There are a lot of great qualities that make a good leader … humility, servant-minded, no favoritism, truthful, God-focused are just a few and I’m looking forward to learning more.

So you may be asking, if you don’t have experience in managing a team, you don’t have the personality, why are you doing this video and stepping into this role of CEO of a tech startup? Why am I being vulnerable and telling you my shortcomings? Simple. God placed it on my heart and I’m doing it out of obedience. God has a sense of humor and He will place us in situations that make us uncomfortable so the only thing you can do is rely on Him. I don’t know what the future holds and I certainly don’t know if anything will ever become of these videos but I do know I can sleep peacefully at night and go about my day in peace.

Anyway, I’ll be sharing my experience and what I learn along the way. Most CEOs tell about their experiences in hindsight but that is not what God is leading me to do. Our next video will be an interview with the mastermind behind our JagSuite products Jim Couts and why he appointed me as CEO instead of himself over five years despite my experience, personality and that I still held a position outside the company.

If you’d like to reach out to me, please email us at [email protected] and please do not contact me with any product or service calls. If you want prayers, have suggestions, or anything else, please feel free to contact us. God bless. 

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