We are Serious about our Leadership

Jul 13, 2021  -  Business

In this Inc. magazine article, executives share their experiences about good leadership traits. Below we explain how each of the traits discussed applies to our company values and work ethic here at Jag Journey!


Honesty is an important value and we follow inherently. Not only do we apply transparency in our conversations with our chamber and business partners, we admit our mistakes. Just ask any of our Chamber partners. If there's an issue and it's our team's fault, we will admit it. But the biggest thing is we will fix the issue anywhere from one hour to one day. On the other hand, if it's user error, we will let you know but instead of leaving them hanging, we will take the time and connect and walk them through so that there is no longer an issue. 


We LOVE perspective! We are not on the frontline of your Chamber, business, or community. We always accept suggestions and if we love them, we will incorporate them. To date, we have incorporated 98% of all suggestions from our Chamber partners. We are built by Chambers and because every Chamber is different, we add toggles or "light switches" that you can turn on or off the features you want or don't want! Our solutions are FLEXIBLE to meet your needs! 

Internally, our team is diverse and talented and we always take into consideration of everyone's ideas! We are a fully remote team which we enacted in 2019 before COVID. This gives our staff more time with the important people, places and activities instead of wasting time commuting.

We truly believe that our team and Chamber and business partners are part of our family as cheesy as it may sound!


We are constantly learning to improve as a team, as people, and how to serve not only our partners but our communities. We believe that contributing to nonprofits and our Chamber partners is essential. We don't believe we are perfect but we are always striving to be helpful, giving and offering the best customer service we possibly can! 



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